And now we are dealing with smugglers

Excerpt from the journal of Darius, cleric of Desztus.

After making preparations we brought a boat (3000GP) and made sail towards the northern point of the continent in order to make our way to the Ogre Lands.

However, a freak storm near a peninsula forced us to dock into the city of Margnacht. The group’s arrival was met with an officer demanding papers allowing the boat to port. Not knowing of any requirements for paperwork, a plead was made that the current weather forced the boat to port and if a waiver of the fees be made due to the need of repairs in the morning. The officer quickly gave over papers for requisition to port (20GP), and charges for improper port (40GP) and bribery (70GP).

The group arrived at the nearby inn, the Sixth Bridge, as a place to stay overnight. Tinfoil was let out to move around. A discussion within the group arrived at a certain problem: what if the boat was damage enough to be taking in water and not be seaworthy. I decided to ask the barkeep about locals who would be able to help. Pointing out a shabby, oily elf I decided to tip the barkeep (3CP) and ask the individual about fixing the boat.

A discussion followed, where services could be made to get through the paperwork and any future paperwork in order to get the boat to be fixed, seaworthy and to leave the city. Asking to meet tomorrow morning and discuss payment an offer was made to stay at another inn a couple doors down: the Scalded Mermaid. Taking the offer the group stayed there overnight met the elf in the morning.

A large stack of paperwork was offered for 700GP, which was reluctantly paid. The paperwork allowed for the ship to be towed to a dry dock and inspected (20GP). The inspection was not good: the keel was torn off and needed replacing. It could be done but parts were not available and needed to be retrieved – the two were smugglers and contraband was missing. The approximate location was in the city’s sewers, and an offer was made to help if it helped to speed up the boat being fixed and the group leaving the Margnacht.

The sewers had only a ’a trio of giant crocodiles stopping the party from reaching the goods. Once they were finished the boxes were retrieved and delivered without incident.

There should be a way to get the costs of repair waived as part of assisting the recovery of their goods.



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