Entering the Ogre Lands

Excerpt from the journal of Darius, cleric of Desztus.

Setting our boat on the shore we started to walk towards the capital of the former Dagdurhal, we expected that it would take over a week. This involved traveling through magic-induced winter with steep mountains.

We found a village in the tundra area filled with the bones of the fallen, which includes humans and mountain dwarves. Caelano determined they were murdered due to their cracked skulls. There was a lack of stone walled houses, but many structures were still intact despite its age. One of them was considered as a place to stay for the night with a fireplace, small enough so it doesn’t take long to heat up.

The next building was the town hall. Its large door was smashed in with numerous bones scattered among the pulverised fittings. Looking for places that were mostly untouched and may have secret compartments we encountered the record room. We found the town was called Gorgvhagdon 1500 years ago. It was active due to its connection to the capital. Once the capital fell it suffered economically before finally falling to raids. Art (500GP) was also found but all other records (particularly) scrolls were reduced to dust.

Sledge’s search yielded items of interest: 300GP in ancient, obsolete currency, corked bottle of alcohol and an unknown potion. Returning to Caelano the bottle contained brandy and the potion temporarily increased the drinker’s intelligence.

A final search included the mayor’s office, checking the walls for hidden sections. A quick search yielded a hidden room opened by a sconce. It contained a rank smell, mostly unharmed compared to those outside. The individual appeared to be a regal character by appearance. Caelano’s spell detected a magical item on their person: a ring. It was revealed to be a Ring of the Ram. Horven’s search in the room yielded:

  • 100 (ancient) platinum pieces
  • 300 (ancient) electrum pieces
  • bag of polished stones (12x 50GP)
  • 4 rings (3x 20GP, 1x 30GP)

I decided to take a look through the local temple for items of note, particularly artifacts. Nothing except spare holy symbols were found. Seeing no personal use for them, they were let behind for those who could use them and the various shrines were dusted off and roughly cleaned up. There was too much dust.

Looking for something to celebrate or enjoy the pubs were checked. The first contained a half barrel of mead (moderate quality) and about 12 bottles of spirits and wine of varying quality. The second had nothing, and reasonably content I returned to camp. Luckily we managed to wrap up our search by late afternoon and the rest of the day was free.



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