Events occuring within Kher Badir

Presence of the Cult of Skartho

The past few days have passed quickly. We needed to move ahead in order to acquire the next pyramid. Thus the Order has instructed me to a hill dwarven township a few days travel from the capital.

The journey to a lakeside township went with little fuss. Duke Varsdaag agreed to grant us an audience with the king in return for a favour. This favour was an investigation into the drop in the fishing industry. This was also connected to the disappearances of dwarves along the docks. A disproportionate number of mountain dwarves were in the list of disappearances. Exploring under the lake Caelano and Sledge found an undersea cavern. Moving through the tunnels we found what was left of the missing persons, and an emerging slave trade involving ‘grey’ dwarves.

We met with a halfling named Merida. Her presence has been a welcome addition to our group and appears eager to aid us in our cause.

My oath as a paladin has both knighted and bound me, but I do not know what my station is in the eyes of Gods, especially the Lord Desztus. I have not lost my abilities as a cleric of the Order, and for that I count my blessings still.

Kher Badir has moved little since we have arrived, but events have quickly arisen. We quickly managed to secure audience with the king and came to an arrangement for the pyramid’s use at a later date. A demon that has called itself ‘Dave’ who appeared in the middle of the night, tracking us via the cultist daggers. It claimed that it was trying to stop Skartho from entering this realm. A demon is not to be trusted, but it is prudent to investigate potential cultist presence in the region.

There two houses of note that the ‘Dave’ collected: Dalas and Rhondet. The house Dalas, of a smithing background, was investigated in case one of their members was a cultist. The youngest son has cultist paraphernalia due to a romance the family would rather not talk about. And thus the investigation continues. The house Rhondet has business in gems, from cutting to selling.

(Scrawled hastily with a rushed hand)

I’ve been thinking ‘bout my station due to walking the Path. I remember talking to others who’ve taken the oath when I was younger. The meaning of the oath was different to many of them, but t’was definitely the seal that places the Knighted on the Path, bound to never stray. Its like a seal of a letter, I guess. As I trained this information was interesting but mattered little due to the direction of my training. A truly devout cleric ascends to the heavens to be at Desztus’ side after all, while paladins were known to live mortal lives.

What does this mean for me? Was any of the devout meant to commit themselves to training in both, and how are they rewarded? In any case, I’ve time to spare. I’ll create a legacy such that future generations can benefit from my efforts.

(Neatly written in small text along the edge of the page)

Give me the will to withstand the darkness,
Grant me the strength to fight back,
But provide me with the wisdom to tell right from wrong
Praise Desztus



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