Freedom Restored: a dragon has been slain!

Excerpt from the journal of Darius, cleric of Desztus.

Some lizardmen traveled with us, helping us distract the giant as we entered the dragon’s lair. Kassett also appeared to wear the amulet that their chief wore.

We traveled towards the dragon’s lair from morning to the afternoon, eventually encountering the giant who stood guard in front of the cave’s entrance. Splitting off into two groups, allowing us to flank around and sneak into the cave as the lizardmen lured the giant away from its post. The giant appeared to wear similar attire as the last one, but had a much more ornate mace in its possession instead of the standard club.

Entering the cave we wandered a bit, using Light (on Sledge’s shield) to illuminate the darkness and Sigmund to scout ahead. We eventually encountered a well-armed undead. It was dispatched quickly, but not without having an effect on Horven’s lifeforce. We ran into a couple more before meeting some more lizardmen. These seem to don slightly different attire, which we suspected that they were from a different tribe from the one we talked to before. The following fight revealed that some of their individuals contained those who were proficient in magic. The last man surrendered and he was allowed to leave once he dropped his weapons. Once the fight ended we found ourselves in the middle of the supply/common room, filled with food and various large bugs (probably a delicacy).

After a couple of bends through the cave we heard heavy breathing, an strong indicator of a dragon. Chag-Thru-Tonaket also managed to noticed our light source and come into view: a black dragon, as we expected.

“Tyrant! I am Darius a cleric of the lord Desztus, God of Messages, and conduit of His will. Through me, your oppression ends here and freedom will be restored to these lands”

The dragon responded with a threat, rising off the ground and wind beat against the party. The party made use of attracting Chag-Thru-Tonaket’s attention with Caelano casting Fireball spells, Horven firing a shortbow from range and Sledge directly facing the enemy. Sparked with a bolt of inspiration (from Desztus) and rope in hand, I dashed towards the dragon and leapt onto its back. Chag-Thru-Tonaket was no pushover, rising off the ground, and flying across the room towards Caelano, pinning him and inquiring about an item containing ‘draconic magic.’ Sledge almost took the full brunt of the dragon’s breath weapon (acid), but made use of its shield. Quick work ended the dragon’s life with Darius still on its back. The dragon was ‘harvested’ for parts: teeth, horns, scales and its acid gland.

The room Chag-Thru-Tonaket came from contained its hoard:

  • 800CP
  • 9000SP
  • 2300GP
  • 160PP
  • Six art objects worth 25GP each (bracelets, vestments, engraved bone dice, a small mirror in a wooden frame)
  • 120 gems worth 100GP each (assortment of garnets, amethysts, jades and pearls)
  • Headband of Intellect*
  • Cloak of Elvenkind*
  • Cloak of Protection*
  • Figurine of Wonderous Power – silver raven
  • Ring of Warmth*
  • Gem of Brightness
  • Winged Boots*
  • +1 heavy crossbow
  • +2 greatclub
    *requires attunement

The Figurine of Wonderous Power required activation through speaking “send word” in Halfling.

The Gem of Brightness was activated using gnomish terms: illuminate, dazzle, and flare.

The greatclub was carved from obsidian with runes along the weapon that glowed blue. The runes look to be ceremonial. It looks to be slightly larger than typical greatclubs. When held a faint muttering can be heard. It is in giant… Which the bearer of the club can understand regardless of their languages.

The heavy crossbow is made of black iron with flame sigils carved into it. It is warm to the touch and when you hold it you feel comfortably warm.. But whenever it is fired it results in a flash of burning pain.

The cloak of protection looks to be made from fabric but on closer inspection it is very fine fish scales. They’re primarily blue but the hood has some purple scales as well, and they’re used to create some kind of arcane mark. its clasp is a sea shell. It grants a +2 to initiative by whispering warnings. Despite it looking and smelling perfectly fine, donning the cloak feels inherently slimy and unpleasant.

The mace is incredibly lightweight, but no less effective. There is a vine motif running up the handle. there are runes on it that look elven at first glance but could mean more. When wielded it’s bearer feels more conscientious and self-assured

Leaving the cave we were met by a few of the lizardmen from the village.. and the giant preparing an ambush from above. One of them had the chief’s amulet on them and explained that Kessett wanted to go against the chief and was killed accordingly, bargaining with the giant for dominion over territory. The chief had plans, but did not expect the party to survive. Combat ensued with a successful Phantasmal Image spell (with an illusion of Chag-Thru-Tonaket) being used to distract the giant before dying. A couple of lizardmen quickly died soon after and the last one attempted to flee, but was captured and held prisoner. The chief seemed to have plans of her own in case Chag-Thru-Tonaket died and Gargdoon was being held prisoner in case the group returned. Seeing darkness setting in, the giant’s enchanted item (+1 mace) and the amulet were looted, and camp was made at the cave.

Morning was met with other tribes of lizardmen bringing their tribute to Chag-Thru-Tonaket, but quickly found that the giant who used to hold guard the cave was dead. Awkward conversation followed and the lizardmen were told of their freedom and were let go.

Prisoner in tow the party made their way back to the village, met with guards who had clubs at the ready and shields raised. The chief arrived and an exchange of hostages were made at the other end of the village with safe passage promised. Although Gargdoon was a little roughed up he was fine and we reached the rest of the camp in safety. The dragon’s hoard was distributed as followed with no negotiations required:

  • 90 gems, 90PP, 58GP and all the magic items to the party
  • 10000GP worth of the rest of the items divided evenly across the rest of the five people.

The amulet was used on Tinfoil, and it was determined that it allowed for the communication of common. Maybe attuning the headband and careful study in the arcane may allow for Tinfoil to cast spells.

At camp the magic items were distributed accordingly:

  • Sledge: Headband of Intellect, Cloak of Protection, +1 Heavy Crossbow, +1 Mace
  • Horven: Cloak of Elvenkind, Winged Boots
  • Darius: Figurine of Wonderous Power (silver raven), Ring of Warmth, +2 Greatclub
  • Caelano: Gem of Brightness



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