Last days in Margnacht

Excerpt from the journal of Darius, cleric of Desztus.

Sledge managed to find an area to ambush: a hill with a small trench up the slope. The sun also rises over the hill possibly impairing vision if enemies try and attack uphill. Caelano and I collected and drove a cart full of vegetables, along with paperwork (to exit and re-enter Margnacht) to the ambush point and set up the ambush. Cart was set along the road with an illusion of a broken cart.

The guards with a weapons shipment arrived, setting itself a distance away. Included an adventurer with a crossbow and a blade. All dwarves. Three approached towards the cart, inquiring about the situation. One of them broke the illusion by testing it with a rock.

An attempt to persuade them to surrender. Upon failing that, Caelano set up another illusion with a set of archers up the hill. A final attempt to plead for their surrender was a success and all the guards lay down their arms, but not before setting fire to their cart. The adversaries were tied up and the weapons retrieved and hidden in the vegetables. They were in the following condition:

  • 10 superficially damaged
  • 2 worthless
  • 2 usable for spare parts
  • 34 working weapons in pristine condition

Upon arrival back into Margnacht we met with our contact (Zark) at the drop off point. We were paid 300GP as a ‘finders fee’ and checked on our boat. Once in working condition the next day we left for our destination towards the capital of Dagduhral.

The shore was chilly, but not freezing. Setting our boat upon the sand we trudged onward.



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