We have reached Kher Badir

Excerpt from the journal of Darius, cleric of Desztus.

The rest of the trip went without incident and the group arrived at the capital of Kher Badir, home of the (Hill) Dwarves and the location of Sapphire pyramid sought to obtain.

The city goes up from a while with a hill surrounding it, built for protection against giants and ogres. Established, older structures are underground (e.g. King’s Residence) while newer, affluent houses are above groud (such as the town hall) and nearer to the top of the hill. All buildings, especially the underground ones, are constructed from stone – even the doors.

Seeing the impact that Chag-Thru-Tonaket had on the region, I sought the need for Desztus’ guidance for the entity within the moving island, if it is deemed to be greater threat. The local temple provided the space and quiet necessary for prayer.

Meanwhile Caelano sought out the city’s records on information about events around the time period of the pyramids’ use (5000 years ago), and the Sapphire and Emerald pyramid. Horven and Sledge moved toward the Bards’ College, seeking information from songs and tales of legends that may not be recorded in the strict, academic study of sages.

With deep records spanning the ages, Caelano found out about an undead scourge that occurred during the time period, with a winter in Dagduhral that exists to this day. The Dwarves held large troves of treasure and therefore did not keep their pyramid in significant regard, with it only appearing as a sign of office during the time period before ‘going out of fashion.’

The Bards’ College is located underground (for the acoustics). Horven and Sledge were met with a mountain dwarf named Maester Kargen – dressed in comfortable, but ornate clothing. Asking about the pyramids did not work. Upon inquiring about Dagduhral before its fall, the bard stated that stories do exist of King Gart, the Fallen and last king of the Mountain Dwarves, but any more information would only be provided for a donation to the college. Five gold was the price agreed upon as a private audience for a performance by the college. Tales recounted the following points:

  • Gart was king of an icey realm, and leader of a decimated race
  • a freak winter occurred, many lifetimes long
  • frost giants struck, taking the kingdom
  • The king died defending his hall, and fell with many of his trusted knights.

The inquiry about a moving island was met with some confusion, initially interpreted as the Wild Isles for the orcs’ tendency to move around a lot. Sledge’s correction did not help.

Ending the prayer I met up with Caelano, hoping to help. Once brought up to speed, the silver raven was used to send the information about the undead scourge and ask about dwarven-owned draconic artifacts. The raven arrived, delivering its message. The bird’s arrival attracted Tinfoil, whose amulet created a scene of light comedy with the Maester. Inquiry about the scourge added the following (important) piece of information: its cause, a dragon that was also a lich. Pleased with the visit, an additional tip of two gold pieces was paid and the group met up is discuss plans.

Seeing an opportunity to obtain the pyramid in Dagduhral without any politicking, an expedition up north could be made, giving more credentials to the quest when the group arrives back to Kher Badir. The approach would be to avoid a long overland excursion by taking a boat to a northern coast and moving towards Dagduhral from there. Preparations would be made, which include:

  • Map of the capital and Gart’s hall
  • Map of the surrounding area, including terrain
  • Clothing and equipment for the cold weather, including crampons for walking on ice

Checking the value of the dragon teeth, horns, scales and the acid gland came to a value of 400GP. Seeing a better use for them the group did not take the offer and used them on armour. New platemail would be commissioned with the following details:

  • teeth, or at least pieces of it, would be applied onto the pauldrons and gauntlets
  • scales, reworked into feather-like shapes would be applied around the armour (such as pauldrons and greaves)

The horns would be worked into a new framework for Sledge’s new shield. Teeth would also be applied to provide piercing capability when shield bashing. No current use has been found for the acid gland.

We hope the preparation is enough.



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