Darius Lunraeven

Human servant of Desztus who now walks the Paladin's path.


With sigils (scroll with rays coming off the centre) adorned across the arms, armour and blue cloth Darius stands out, yet looks like any other member of his Order. Has striking pale blue eyes that has been described as ‘cold as the deepest winter.’ It can sometimes make wary strangers uncomfortable.

Height: 5’9"
Weight: 188 lbs
Age: 23 yrs
Hair: brown
Eyes: ice blue
Skin: olive


As far back as records can tell he’s a native of Adendali, near the furthermost borders of the kingdom. His adoptive parents still live in its capital of Vallure. His mother works as a seamstress, while the father is a member of the Order of Desztus and also served as Darius’ mentor. This mentor-student relationship was the reason why Darius decided to not take their family name as his own, despite the offer.

  • Trait 1 (positive): My enthusiasm for Desztus’ ideals can be considered evangelical, but accepting of those of other faiths and ideals.
  • Trait 2 (negative): However, at times, evangelism can become fanaticism. Especially to those who choose to defy Desztus’ tenets.
  • Ideal: In the end, freedom of speech and expression can only end in good. No matter what happens in between.
  • Bond: Those who share my ideals are like fellow brothers. Those unknown or neutral are good friendships waiting to be forged. Those against me are like vermin, and must be punished.
  • Flaw: Despite the many travels in his service I’m still very naive, particularly in the disconnect between theory and reality. Blind Ignorance may be a factor.

Darius’ Paladin Oath:
I, Darius, who bears no family name and cleric of Dezstus, god of messages and the divine champion of freedom of speech and expression, wish to make a confession and an oath.

I have shown great devotion and have been rewarded as such. And for that I am grateful. However great evil is afoot. I cannot continue to extol virtues and scripture while such evil endures. I cannot continue to walk in Dezstus’ light with aspirations for a place at his side. Thus I give up my heavenly aspirations and give myself to earthly, mortal duties. At an altar beneath the heavens I begin my oath:

I will be the avenger,
charged with bringing justice to those who harm others
I will become the hunter,
striking down those who threaten the balance
I will walk through the darkness,
but it will never permeate

(pulls out cultists’ ritual dagger)

This dagger has been wielded to further the cause of darkness,
yet it will yield to divine light
As cleric of the divine I absolve this blade,
for its sacrifice will anoint a paladin
May the souls of the innocent find rest,
and the wicked find none

(stab dagger into stone, breaking it)

To whoever wishes to witness I, Darius Lunraeven, walk the path of the paladin

I am holy,
knighted by the heavens
I am no noble,
for my actions I risk damnation
But I am bound,
until the darkness or the mortal coil takes me

Darius Lunraeven

Erstril Bellimancer