Meet Sledge
and his black and white cat

The party disembarked from the island near Awnira and set out through the forest towards the city.

While camped out the first night Horven heard sounds of arguing that lead us to a group of hobgoblins camped nearby. They had a prisoner in a cage and a gnome leg cooking on a spit. The ensuing fight was dark, confusing and full of fire. Two hobgoblins escaped.

The prisoner, who had busted out of the cage during the fight, turned out to be an intimidating, purple eyed and grammatically challenged warforged blacksmith named Sledge. His group had been ambushed by the hobgoblins and he and his cat Tin Foil were the only survivors.

Caelano critically searched the dead gnomes’ luggage then everyone headed back to camp. Since Sledge knew the area and had no other plans he offered to lead the party to Awnira in the morning.

Once at the City of Awnira the group split up. Darius, Sledge and Tin Foil went to see the elders of the Church of Deztus to ask about getting an audience with the Queen to ask her about the pyramid gem. He was told that even if he got an audience she was unlikely to share that information.

Caelano started networking/drinking with/palm greasing local sages and historians in an attempt to find someone with access to the secret royal library that might have more information on the gnomish gem. He wasn’t very good at it.

Horven went picking pockets and made a small fortune. It’s not how many pockets you pick, it’s whose pockets.

Success is haggling down two silvers


  • With the gnolls defeated the bounty was collected and business in Rala was finished.
  • Althea and Lydia went their separate ways.
  • Althea went to look for old libraries.
  • Lydia for muscle and the chance to kill things along the way.
  • Escorted a gnomish shoe traders who was carrying various hides to the the Capital to be crafted into shoes of the latest styles.
  • Due to previous events in the area four days’ travel went without a hitch.

Back from Rala and in the Capital

  • Met Kelker for supplies and potentially magic items.
  • Saw non-combat staff that could provide detection of nearby enemies. Didn’t buy.
  • Brought retracting metal quarterstaff for Caelano that has runes that enable understanding of Gnomish.
  • ‘Successfully’ haggled for price.
  • Brought four potions of healing. Current total: 6

Used ship to get to island. Set up camp at boat.

Visited dungeon in island with seal.

  • Used topaz pyramid in Awnira slot instead of Lilsalin. Nothing happened.
  • No reliefs/glyphs/markings to indicate what evil is sealed within.
  • Advanced magic and mechanics used.
  • Mix of architecture and technologies of various kingdoms (mechanics of gnomes, dwaven architecture, advanced magic of Icarrii, etc.

Other notes

  • Current map is very outdated. May need to be updated.
  • Caelano read the ‘Independence of Nhethemar’
  • Three days of travel spent on island without incident
  • Goblins came across the island. Found out it travelled around, and used this knowledge to raid ships, take them over and travel to the island. There the ships were looted and picked clean.


  • Get/buy Bag of Holding (might come in handy)
"Fresh" Sea Food

Its been 4 days on the road with Gnoll ambushes and ghoul swamps isn’t quite enough for Lydia who has secured us a bounty if we deal with the Gnoll Infestation.

Word is that a lone Human survivor of another caravan may have some insight, i rather doubt this when we find him drinking heavily at the Thunder Lizard’s Nest in the middle of the afternoon. Darius strikes up a conversation and offers aid in recovering his lost property. They may have been a ‘discussion’ about stone doors.

Plans are made, dinner is consumed and sleep is attempt.

In the interest of time, vomiting, tracking, hole, enter, Gnolls, Spider eggs, Giant Spiders, lots of fire, Gnolls, Loot. Oh yes and sleep spells.

Some items found of note:

Orcish Idol of the goddess of war/death/bad things.

Pearl of Power Uncommon wondrous item This pearl comes in many colors but is average in size and luster. When grasped, it feels warm to the touch. After the pearl’s magic is discharged, it feels like any other pearl. Property: Once per day, as an action, you can speak the pearl’s command word to regain one expended spell slot of up to 3rd level.

Slippers of Spider Climbing Uncommon wondrous item Woven from spider silk, these soft slippers fit snugly and comfortably. The wearer quickly notices that the soles of the slippers adhere slightly to surfaces that aren’t slippery. Property: While you wear these slippers, you can move up, down, or across vertical surfaces or even upside down along ceilings while leaving your hands free. You move in this way at your normal speed and without needing to make a Strength (Athletics) check. The slippers are not useful on very slippery surfaces, including those that are icy, oiled, or greased.

Glamoured Studded Leather Uncommon magic armor (studded leather) This armor resembles normal studded leather, but the metallic studs that cover its surface are etched with fine lines that trace complex patterns. Crafted in conjunction with skilled illusionists, this armor is ideal for a spy or assassin who wants to blend into a crowd. Because of the origin of this armor, some cities where intrigue is the norm have passed laws outlawing glamoured armor—although the armor’s nature makes such laws difficult to enforce. Property: You gain a +1 bonus to AC while you wear this armor. As an action, while wearing the armor, you can speak the armor’s command word to change the armor’s appearance. The armor assumes the appearance of a normal set of clothing or some other kind of armor. You decide what it looks like, including color, style, and accessories. The armor retains its normal bulk and weight, however. The illusionary appearance lasts until you speak the command word again to change its appearance.

On the fourth day, there were Gnolls
Excerpt from the journal of Darius, cleric of Desztus.

This job has been much more eventful than expected.

We encountered Gnolls who had ambushed a patrol just an hour outside Rala. One had already died before we intervened, and another during the fighting. The patrol explained to us that the Gnolls were starting to get very close to the town lately, which made the ambush that much more effective. We were able to help with the patrol’s injuries before entering Rala.

We completed our job in escorting the spice merchant and his son to Rala, and arrangements were made for another job at the local temple. However, there is still the problem of the Gnolls almost reaching the grounds of Rala. We will need to investigate their rise in courage.

P.S. Althea does not seem to enjoy being referred to as ‘wizard.’ Might need to find other alternatives (witch? wizardress? she-wizard?)

Caravan escort from Lilsalin to Rala
Excerpt from the journal of Darius, cleric of Desztus.

The group decided to wait for the island to move its way back near Lilsalin, where we would sail a boat to the island. We would use the island’s speed to reach our destination at the old kingdom held by the Gnomes (Awnira).

In the meantime we have chosen to take a job as a caravan escort for a spice merchant and his son to Rala. The merchant had some culinary skill, serving a ‘bracing’ curry which impressed Lydia to the disfavour of Althea.

We were attacked by Ghouls on the first night. This prompted an investigation into the Ghouls at a nearby lake yielded:

  • interesting tome of cultist origin
  • scrolls logging the members of the crew.

It seemed that the root of the problem was an amulet that was wielded by a sorceress, but fell to her ambitions. This cost the lives of her and the crew. The crew contained a variety of different peoples, but mainly consisted of mountain dwarves. I deemed the amulet too dangerous to exist in its current state and destroyed it.

The path should be safer to future travellers now.


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