The Seven Kingdoms of Old

The Travelling Crescent Island travels longitudinally to the east across Erstril. The seal found by the adventurers has seven magic locks unlocked by a pyramid gem, each of which has markings linking to one of Erstril’s seven ancient kingdoms. Not all of have survived the ages. Evidence has been found linking the pyramid keys to royal lineage.

Adendali – The Kingdom of Humans.

The history of humans has lasted since time forgotten – they are primarily a nation of farmers and have been very passive in most global affairs. The role of ‘king’ is now one that is appointed by national elections every ten years. Any Adendali-born human is eligible for nomination, and all humans and Adendali-born halflings are able to vote.

You’ve found evidence of a ruby pyramid worn by human leaders to this day.

Dagduhral – Ancestral Home of the Mountain Dwarves.

The Mountain Dwarves are considered to be the oldest race in Erstril. Dagduhral is an extensive fortress carved into a vast mountainous area. A mysterious blizzard washed through the area centuries ago that has lasted to this day, washing the otherwise temperate mountains in year round ice and snow. This severely weakened the mountain dwarves, and lost their home land centuries ago to ogres and giants. Many refugees were annexxed as citizens of Kher Badir, and their culture still exists but is clearly dying a slow death.

The last painting of Mountain Dwarf royalty shows a King and Queen holding totems of office, including an emerald pyramid.

Kher Badir – Kingdom of the Hill Dwarves

The Hill Dwarves are the only Dwarven civilization remaining. Many are protective of their Mountain bretheren which make up 15% of their population, though there are some that look down on them and treat them as second class citizens. The cities of Kher Badir tend to be keeps built jutting out of hills, or in valleys with large walls built around them.

Past paintings of leaders show a Sapphire pyramid worn round the neck of the ruler of the HIll Dwarves as a symbol of office, now it just appears to be a totem of office rather than something worn.

Icarii – The Wizard Triumvirate

The Arcane Arts in Erstril used to be a vastly different culture to what it is now. Training in magic happened exclusively on the towers of Icarii island, wizards and other magic-users were very secretive, keeping to themselves to focus on pushing the limits of knowledge of magic without being bound by the rules or morals of people they deemed to be lesser than them. Their only interactions with the rest of Erstrill were either to recruit (or sometimes ‘recruit’) people with innate magical ability or when their own needs mandated that they interfere with the greater world around them. Other nations considered them to be eccentric at best, volatile and unilateral at worst.

Icarii was ruled by three Mages at all times, but greed, jealousy and ambition notable in mages at the time made it a very unstable form of government. 1500 years ago infighting among wizards dissolved into all-out civil war. The fallout from that war has left an arcane scar over the region, leaving it virtually uninhabitable. The islands are now known as Wizardfell. Many great secrets and artifacts were lost to the ages. Wizards and other mages are now much more humble, living among the rest of the world, servants to rulers but never ruling themselves.

No information of Icarii’s pyramid has been found, but this is not surprising how secretive their society was.

Lilsalin – The Elven homelands

Before the existence of Wood Elves, High Elves were simply known as ‘elves’ and Lilsalin was their home, covering the plains and forests of nearly the entire continent. Lilsalin’s home has halved as the existence of the Wood Elf subrace has resulted in the creation of the nation Nhethemar in the forests, living separately from High Elves. It’s even considered to be the LIlsalin has some of the world’s finest and most extensive libraries and scholarly institutes. Many of her cities are made out of marble and other precious stones.

The topaz pyramid in possession of the adventurers was last seen in a portrait around the neck of the elven King some 1000-odd years ago. The same king vanished when travelling by boat, and neither the king nor the topaz was ever seen again, until the topaz was uncovered by the party on the crescent island itself.

Awnira – The Gnomish Kingdom

The Gnomes are a matriarchal society of Artisans, Illusionists and Tinkerers. There are several settlements in the realm of Awnira, all of them hidden within thick forests. Awnira’s capital city, Nespos, has been built around a series of rolling hills.

The gnomes’ pyramid was a black opal. Their current leader is Queen Dalya met with the party and offered to lease it for cultural purposes, asking for 300 gold per tenday.

The Clans of Four – The leader of Orcs

The four nomadic orc clans reside in The Wild Isles. They see little need to interact with the greater world, and their closest neighbours, the elves, feel the same way. Even still, there’s occasional reports of orc invaders raiding settlements south of the Nhethemar Forests.

One clan leader is deemed Clan Lord of all four clans – this changes through unions of the families of chieftains and occasional warring. The clans are the Narrayah Riders, Rythenlights, The Sun Clan and The Julthor Warriors. The records you have found show the Sun Clan’s chief has been Clan Lord for the last four generations.

There is little information about the Orcs in general, much less any pyramid-shaped gem that their leader might carry.

The Seven Kingdoms of Old

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