The capital of Adendali, and is the seat of power in the region.

  • mostly stone and wood (oak)
  • clear division of class seen by the state of the buildings (upper class structures better maintained than lower)
  • rugged and built to last, with little design work in the architecture compared to elven and dwarven buildings.
  • cobblestone paths
  • surrounding land is rather ‘tame’ with a lot of flat land and many established roads throughout the region

Locations within Vallure:

  • Temple of Desztus
  • Tall Chair, a tavern owned by a halfling and often frequented by dignitaries and other important peoples.
  • King’s residence, a single large building/keep in the south of the city
  • Artisan’s district
  • Blunt Chisel, a tavern of the working class
  • Halfling Library, comfortable with food and drink served in a homely setting
  • Gaelick’s residence, located within the lower-middle class district


Erstril Bellimancer