Cocodiles can sneak attack too!

Shortly after their arrival at Awnira, Caelano and Horven respectively summoned their familiars, Otto the Owl and Sigmund.

After a day of exploring the City of Awnira the group gained access to the royal library with help from the Order of Dezstus, under the guise of recording the history of the royal gnomish family.
Darius, Caelano, and Horven decided to enter the library while Sledge found work with blacksmithing and leather working. Most of the day was spent searching around the library for clues about the pyramid that belonged to the gnomish kingdom of old. The following details were found:

  • Library has three storeys
  • The librarians had good taste in liquor, but were surprised about the possibility of sub-levels
  • Most records only date back approx. 1800 years
  • Interior of the library had been burnt down and rebuilt.
  • There are A LOT of enchantments in the building, but no trapdoors found.
  • Blueprints of the sewer system, particularly in the nearby area, but not of the library itself.

Given the attention the group was starting to attract a plan was made to use the sewer system to find a way into the sub-levels. Since there were many guards during the day the group decided to enter at night.

Sledge had finished work and met the rest of the group before entering underground. Dark, wet and full of excrement the group was attacked by swarms of rats, and a single crocodile. It took a while but the group emerged victorious and continued to their destination – a particular section of wall. Using hammers Sledge and Darius managed to break the wall and found a dark room that was used to restore books.

The group prepares themselves for what may be lurking in an area long forgotten…



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