Dealing with the Margnacht job market

Excerpt from the journal of Darius, cleric of Desztus.

As the ship remains in port to be fixed the group decided to look for work. First the town guard was consulted; who advised of small jobs with clearing goblin warrens for little pay. On top of that an adventurers’ permit was required to take the job. Getting annoyed with the possibility of more paperwork a trip to the Temple of Desztus was in order. There were no jobs of note available but some hard labour was offered.

Meanwhile Horven made use of his skills to contact the local thieves’ guild. Putting a root vegetable over his shoulder, a signal of the left hand, and his right pocket out was used as a message for parlay while wandering streets full of official vendors. A while later a wooden symbol with dwarven style art of a rat with an eye patch was given.

Collecting the rest of the group, we travelled through a derelict alleyway. Seeing the symbol of on the token on a door with a sleeping dwarf below it the group contemplated what on what to do next. Taking the initiative I greeted the dwarf who grabbed my arm with a vice-like grip. Thinking quickly Horven showed the token and the dwarf nodded in acknowledgement and we proceeded through the door.

We were met with a small room with a thick wooden shutter at the end. A slider opened with eyes peering out before shutting and the slider opening. We were met with a dwarf who wanted weapons handed over before proceeding further. Reluctantly agreeing a chit was given in response.

Doors opened and another two dwarves entered to pat us down for further items. Seeing nothing we entered the next room, which appeared to be used for lounging. Horven was told, “she will met with you soon” and proceeded to gamble, winning 10GP. Resigning to wait Caelano and I took to couches while Sledge and Tinfoil lounged by a fireplace.

A middle-aged redheaded dwarf walks in with an elf by her side. A discussion was made to ask for paying jobs. We made an interesting pitch, but rejected a job to silence a gnome. The dwarf offered to contact us on any more jobs if still interested. Seeing a chance to liven up the place she offered a few rounds of three-dragon ante, betting platinum pieces. Horven’s luck (and skill) pulled through and won 5PP. The token was offered to be kept as a door pass to see the Rat Queen.

Seeing no immediate jobs to be done the group looked around for information (on the female dwarf) and jobs. Trawling around a pub and the town guard fell short as Caelano’s lack of discretion cost any chances for information. A few hours, 20GP (on bribes and drinks) and a few pubs later the following information was found:

  • The Rat Queen has a bad reputation
  • No warrants (so no information from the town guard
  • Don’t double cross
  • Ruthless, but a decent employer who pays well
  • Well networked, with interests around the city
  • Doesn’t shy from brute force or murder, but uses it as a last resort

The group drew interest from a human who offered better pay than the Rat Queen. The pay was for extortion. Quickly leaving and discussing what to do next Horven was bumped by an elf who passed a note within a small, well-made box. The note said to, “get close to them.” Seeing that as a sign of employment the group went back inside and stated an interest in taking a job after thinking about it. The human was interested, and we stated that we could do better than collecting from an extortion racket. Seemingly agreeing another job was offered: ambush a caravan with goods in it, protected by a group (8) of the town guard. The goods were weapons and a caravan with vegetables would be provided to us to smuggle them into the city. Paperwork would be provided, but we have the set up the ambush ourselves. Asking the deadline the caravan would arrive the next evening, indicating a very tight time frame.

The plan is to set an ambush with caltrops, intending to slow down and stop the caravan. Non-lethal opportunities including illusions, sleep spells and an opportunity to surrender were considered. Hopefully this job doesn’t cost any lives.



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