Galick the Necromancer

"awesome knife and fork"

SLEDGE HAMMER” the door come off its hinges and lands in the middle of a dusty room filled with paper and books. We peruse Galick through the house and down two levels Caelano Jassan melts some wizards with a fire ball. Along the way we take note of a few items and decide to search after we have dealt with Galick.

We encounter a skeleton embedded in a door with a few shelves of various shields, with a message “complete the skeleton … and enter” Brother Darius quickly try’s a few combinations one blasts us with poison, another the skeleton comes to life and speaks “password” we try something its wrong. A green flaming scull erupts from the door towards us. We are able to put the scull out and take a short rest to heal up.

We find the crystal dragon and Sledge Smash. Galick walks in and thanks us for clearing the path for him and then morphs into a completely different person. We seem to have disturbed another enemy of Galick. a few fire balls later he is a smoldering corpse.

We find various spells books and scrolls, gems, gold and an “awesome knife and fork”



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