Meet Sledge

and his black and white cat

The party disembarked from the island near Awnira and set out through the forest towards the city.

While camped out the first night Horven heard sounds of arguing that lead us to a group of hobgoblins camped nearby. They had a prisoner in a cage and a gnome leg cooking on a spit. The ensuing fight was dark, confusing and full of fire. Two hobgoblins escaped.

The prisoner, who had busted out of the cage during the fight, turned out to be an intimidating, purple eyed and grammatically challenged warforged blacksmith named Sledge. His group had been ambushed by the hobgoblins and he and his cat Tin Foil were the only survivors.

Caelano critically searched the dead gnomes’ luggage then everyone headed back to camp. Since Sledge knew the area and had no other plans he offered to lead the party to Awnira in the morning.

Once at the City of Awnira the group split up. Darius, Sledge and Tin Foil went to see the elders of the Church of Deztus to ask about getting an audience with the Queen to ask her about the pyramid gem. He was told that even if he got an audience she was unlikely to share that information.

Caelano started networking/drinking with/palm greasing local sages and historians in an attempt to find someone with access to the secret royal library that might have more information on the gnomish gem. He wasn’t very good at it.

Horven went picking pockets and made a small fortune. It’s not how many pockets you pick, it’s whose pockets.



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