Returning to Kerh Badir

Sister swords

The party took the island back from the north. When they arrived on the island they found that most of the jungle looked rather sickly and quickly found that there was no game to be found to supliment their dwindling supplies. Thankfully Darius preformed miricals of Destus and kept the party feed until they arrived back at Kerh Badir.

Brother Darius Spend some time at the temple of Destus on arrival and asked an elder if they could get the party an meeting with the king. The elder refused the request but did suggest that lord ? may be willing to get an audence for them if they did somethign for him. Brother Darius Asked for the privilage of delivering the next message to Lord ? and was told it would be ready in a couple of days. Caelano Jassan insisted on good food and a good bed so the party headed off to (name) for a meal. This meal was rudely interupted as a Man with two half orc body guards burst in threw his sword on the ground, which surprisingly turned to point at Horven Torgaxe, picked it up and demanded its “the other one”. This quickly dissentegrated into a fight and the party made quick work of him and his tow half orc buddies quickly decided to flee. They draged the man outside and woke him up to demand to know what was going on. it eventually came out that his sword and Horven Torgaxe’s single sword were sister swords and much stronger together. After much debate it was decided to take him to the guard and get him locked up until after the party had departed.



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