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Welcome to the world of Erstril. After a time of uneasy peace, strange things are afoot, as a handful of adventurers have discovered.

Erstril has survived many tragedies.. the near eradication of its eldest race, an arcanic wasteland, global and civil wars… and something that has been kept locked away for times untold has begun its return into the world….

All the players know is that they have found a strange island that travels throughout the world, and has a connection to ancient kindoms and civilizations. This wiki documents their adventures.

Locations of Erstril

Awnira, Kingdom of the Gnomes
Vallure, capital of the Human kingdom of Adendali
The Capital of Lilsalin, Kingdom of the High Elves and ancestral home to all elves of Erstril

History of Erstril

The Seven Kingdoms of Old: Information about the seven civilizations that are connected to the strange travelling island.
History of the Wood Elves

Other Lore

The Gods of Erstril

Main Page

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